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  • Layered Name Necklace
  • Layered Name Necklace
  • Layered Name Necklace
Layered Name Necklace
$99.80 $49.9
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Thickness: 1.1mm / 0.04"
Measurements: Height: 9mm / 0.35"

Layered necklaces are extremely popular right now within all fashion circles and we created the perfect already layered accessory for you, the Layered Name Necklace in Sterling Silver. We provide the opportunity to wear not one but two name necklaces separated by one of three symbol options - a heart, an infinity symbol, or the "&" symbol. When it comes to layering necklaces we do the work for you by attaching them all together! You can get your name and the name of someone else, words to live by, or anything else you think works! It is really a fun necklace that you can wear any time you want.

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